It’s getting hard to remember if Aidan ever settled well at night or he was always a nightmare I get settled. I know he was very bad at the start when he went into his own room and I know he’s awful now, but I have a suspicion that he was better before Tomas was born and started taking up time that he had to himself.


We’ve taken to locking his toy cupboard so that he is not distracted with toys. He can now open his child gate himself through brute force and ignorance so the only way to keep him in his room at night is to block the gate from opening. We haven’t taken to locking his door as this wouldn’t be right.


I’m worried that we, I’ve done some psychological damage to him so he doesn’t like going to bed at night, is frightened of being abandoned and left alone. When left to waken naturally he tends to wake up crying and calling for me, wanting carried down stairs.


Now he may be just playing up and looking for attention. He’s very good at that recently, taking great pleasure from being bold and then getting punished as it becomes a game to him. One we have already lost before we began.


So at the moment I have a major focus on reeducating myself to try and do right by him. I have a copy of the baby sleep book and I’m trying to get it read and do some of the stuff in it.


I’ll have to ensure that he doesn’t have distractions at night and change how I read to him to make it less interesting.


I’ll record my progress and failure for you to enjoy. In fact my next post I’ll write a running commentary of the night and you can tell me where I am going wrong.