This blog started off as being about Aoife but as she is in school now I spend more of my time with my sons Aidan and Tomas.

Tomås is that lovely age where he crawls around the floor exploring and my biggest headache is keeping the floors clean and soothing his teething pains. He’s a lovely child and everyone is always amazed at how smiley he is.

Aidan on the other hand is an absolute gem in school, but a head wrecker at home. There are times when he is brilliant. We walk home a few times a week from the play school and he scoots along side holding onto the buggy once in a while for a tow. Its the best part of the day. He loves being out and spending the time doing it.

I love the way he hops around the room playing his guitar pretending to be a rock star. He is also brilliant then fireman Sam comes on, he jumps down off the couch and runs around the room and then out to the kitchen to spin around the metal pole holding up the breakfast bar. When The Rhyme Rocket is on he pretends to be one of the crew and pputs a cushion on te ground and uses it as his seat when the rocket blasts off. He’s a joy to watch the best of kids.

On the other hand he is an absolute nightmare to get out of the house in the morning, refusing to change, so i have to do it for him because i have to get him and Aoife down to school. We’ve tried lots of different techniques to get him to sleep at night and he’s easily the worst for going to bed at night. We currently send him up to play by himself for a bit and to wind down before i go up change him and read him a story and say prayers. Lights off in his room at 7, light in the hall at 8 and this is just to try and keep him in his bed beside his night light. It helps quieten him down but it can still be after 9 before he’s asleep. And he’s a devil for nicking Tomås’s dummies, even out of his mouth or bed while he’s asleep.

He’s the best of kids and the worst, often within seconds of each other.