I think like a lot of people I can find the time off over Christmas difficult and challenging. I’ll admit it, although almost everyone wouldn’t. I love spending time with my wife and kids but i also like the routine of the term time. I get to go running with my son in his buggy, meet up with other people at the parent and toddler groups that I go to. I miss this routine when everyone is off over Christmas.

This Christmas has proven particularly difficult, as I got a puncture in one of the tyres on the buggy and was so busy in the run up to Christmas that i didn’t get out running since the start of December and by the end of the Christmas festivities I could feel the tension and stress from looking after everyone in my chest.

Its not that the kids are bad, or that my wife doesn’t help, because the kids are great, and my wife is fantastic. But this break has shown me that I had developed a routine to help me take time for myself and relax.  And I started to really miss it but i made a point of getting out today for a short run and immediately felt the better for it.

I don’t normally go running when everyone is at home, because I like to spend the time with them,  but this break has proven the need to also look after myself and take time to run etc.

I think all parents need to have their own ways to relax, and to remember to continue as much as possible. We all need a break, minding kids, running house hold, like any other kind of organisation is stressful, possibly more so as we have a lot vested in it, we have everything important vested in it.

I know some mums who also go to P&T groups, some who run a bit, most work outside the home, which I know I very therapeutic, a distraction from house hold stresses. But how do others cope without driving themselves mad I don’t know but I hope they have their methods. 

For me I’ll keep running.