When I was working for different employers over the years I have at times envied those continental lunch breaks that we hear of the French, Italian and Spanish people enjoying. Now wither they really get them or not in this modern world economy I doubt but being able to spend time having a nice starter and then leisurely having a nice main meal and the desert, tea or coffee sounds rather appealing. These would be spread over 2-3 hrs with ample time for digestion and conversation.

Now a days I too get to “enjoy” a 3 hr lunch break. I go out to collect DS1 from the crèche at 12 and have a banana on the way down, when I get back I make him his lunch and make a sandwich or soup myself, then naturally DS2 wakes up for a feed before I’ve eaten and since he is starving looking for a bottle I do that, cleanup his nappy and the mess that DS1 had made in the mean one eating his lunch and settle back down to have my sandwich and if lucky a yogurt. By then it’s time to go for DD and an apple is the snack this time on the way down an finally at around 3:30 I manage to get that all important cup of tea. While I try to get home works done and feed DS2 some lunch. Some times the tea is even still warm by the time I get to drink it.

The conversation is equally engaging, generally it’s “pick that up! Don’t leave your yogurt lid on the sofa!” and “come on will you please put your coat on!!!!”

Not quite the leisurely continental lunch I had imagined but some of the time it is certainly more entertaining.