Every once in a while I wonder what I will do with my life… what will I do when I grow up and have to get a “real Job” when the kids are all old enough to go to school or sooner if our finances needed me to to go back to work sooner. I don’t know how many mothers or fathers who are doing the house -partner role see it as their long term plan. I know some don’t have a choice, but most do.

Recently I watched a TED speech  (Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career) where he sets out why we will all ultimately fail to have a great career. In many respects years ago, I thought that I had indeed succeeded in landing my perfect career as Production Manager in a small start up company, and I ran the show more or less apart from the selling and the finances. And ultimately it was these parts that caused the business to close, but you can’t blame the people with responsibility, the whole construction market collapsed, not just our business.

Since then Smith’s prophesy have all run true. Alas. And now I have time again to think about what I might do in the future and how I can go about succeeding in finding success in my career and life in general. I’ll not debate now what success is for now.

Smith identifies that we need to find a career that we are passionate about, willing to make sacrifices for, serious sacrifices (although preferably not involving chanting, fires, altars, knives or pure animals). Having an interest is not sufficient enough it needs to be a passion. You can have any number of interests and I have had interests in the past come and go.

In primary school I played hurling for a while until a few too many cracks across the head with a hurley convinced me to give up on it for a while, not committed enough to sustain concussion on an increasingly frequent occasions.

I played the violin for a long time, and enjoyed playing in orchestras in school and education boards, but I was never good enough to make it into a profession.

Now a days I do have interests, but I’ve never really sat down to think about them properly, to identify what they are and wither I could be passionate about them enough to become a future career. Not that I didn’t enjoy the Production Manager role, but they are few and hard enough to come by in my own back ground, especially if I am looking for a small company looking to grow rather than as a small part of a larger organisation (as in my last paid role).

I am competent and even content do do most things in live and elicit joy from them, even the worst of tasks but would I be able to make a great career out of it?

The advantage of being a SAHD with a 1 year old, one in preschool and another in school is that I can take time to look at these things and work out what I want to be doing and to put together a plan to re-enter the work force when the time comes, and have my 5 year plan together as best you can when you have small kids.

And so I need to clarify what exactly am I interested in, in order to find my way back either to my old career or to a new one.

So what are my current interests:

– My Kids (in spite of the awful job I seem to be doing with them, I like being there for them and they seem to like it too)

– Public Speaking (I go to Toastmasters as a social outlet)

– Innovation and Knowledge transfer (I like reading about the new, innovations and how it happens in companies)

– Education (my own, that of my kids and the education process and progress in general)

– Depression (mitigation, prevention and understanding)

– Service to communtiy (I get out to parent & toddler groups etc and like helping out)

– DIY (but I tend to procrastinate a bit and only do the needs to be done)

– Plastics (I did work in this sector for 14 years after all)

– Business management, understanding and development (I did a 2nd Masters Business & Innovation, need to make it pay for something)

– Exploring new and novel ideas (I do actually keep a list of new business ideas)

– Solving problems

So the question now is what am I going to do with this list, and how do I find one that I am passionate about.