This week seen everyone back to school after the Easter break and we had some great weather this week so the scooters were out for a few mornings to go down to school rather than taking the car. The kids really enjoy it and it means that they are getting an extra 30 min of exercise. I’m not finding that it tires them out any extra so that they go to sleep quicker at night.

But since everyone was off I wasn’t blogging. Not an intentional in action but more as a result of too much else to do. You see like many people we jumped on the DIY bandwagon and decided to paint our kitchen/dining room. Unfortunately for some very strange reason anytime we decide to paint a room in this house it takes 3 coats to get a decent finish. To make matters worse we had a crack in the ceiling which had to be repaired and I decided to finish off some “Soft White” kitchen/Bathroom paint left over from the bathroom, and it was not white, a dirty light grey would be closer to the mark. It looked fine in the bathroom, looks well in the bathroom, but it took an extra two coats to get rid of it on the ceiling in the Kitchen/diner. So needless to say that most of the holiday was taken up with painting, and more painting.

On Good Friday we decided to head up to my parents for Easter and we had a good time up there as the kids love it.There was a great Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning as the kids followed a trail of photos around the house and garden to look for their eggs.They started off with a photo in the bedroom which they followed down stairs,



And then out into the garden and around till they found the final clues


They were really happy with their eggs when they got them and loved the search.
Everyone was having nice break except for the baby who wouldn’t settle so on Sunday evening we left the older pair for a bit of a holiday with Granny and Granda and headed back home, to finish the painting and so my wife could go to a course on Tuesday evening.

It’s amazing the difference when you are reduced down to having one child to look after, how much more free time you have, how quieter it was. It was almost blissful, but I did miss the kids. My parents took them off to Donegal with my brothers and some others for a bit of a break and they loved it. I did get a voice mail telling me that they missed us on the Wednesday morning just before I headed up to collect them, which was really nice to hear. Of course as soon as they were in the car my son wanted nothing to do with me and wanted to go back to his Granny, he didn’t miss no-one.

Such is the Easter break, a little bit of time for everyone and then the rush back to normality at least for another while till the summer holidays come along. Can’t say I’m overly looking forward to it.