Originally posted 23 Feb 2010

My last blog was on the steps we were going to try to help Aidan get over his problems with reflux.

It’s important to try to plan things out, it gives focus and stops us thinking that there is no end in sight. But it’s also important to be flexible and adapt.

We had made good progress with Aidan over the last 2 weeks, he responded well to the use of Evian water instead of tap, for a week or so. Then the colic started back again and got worse.

Rather than delaying and trying the different options as planned the decision was made to go to the GP and get a referral to see a consultant.

And so on Monday the GP advised to change him on to Aptamil and to use a thickner if necessary. We also got the letter of referal to see a consultant in Temple Street next week.

So for this week were trying him on Aptamil and the Gaviscon, and 3 days in he’s coping well. He’s having a bit of an awake session in the evening times, but he’s no longer crying out in pain and discomfort. He still cries but it sounds more like because he’s over tired.

So good news this week, hopefully it won’t be back to square one again next week.