My latest investment for the baby has not gone down well with my parents, particularly my mum. You see I’ve turned my son into a bit of a hippy and when my mum asked what’s that around Tomás’s neck, my wife just replied “Ask Cormac!” My wife isn’t enthusiastic either, but she’s learnt not to bother arguing on some of my flights of fancy.

Around 3 weeks ago Tomás started not sleeping well, crying at night, waking up 2-3 times with roaring red cheeks needing medication, and lots of hugs, rocking, singing and pacing to get him to go to sleep. All suggesting that he must be getting some movement of his back teeth although there is nothing showing of them yet. Needless to say I wasn’t getting any sleep either and I was being to loose my rag with him and everyone else, so something needed to be done.

Several other parents (mothers) had discussed in the past the use of Amber beads to ease teething pain but as they were not readily available in the shops anymore since the EU decided that they should be classified differently and necessitated a “NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 36 MONTHS” label to accompany them. So you have to get them online.

Now I wouldn’t be totally convinced with homeopathic remedies, I prefer to have something that is proven to work but as the lack of sleep began to wear me down I decided that the cost of ordering Amber beads online would be well worth the gamble if they paid off even slightly.

So I went online, had a look at a few sites and eventually ordered a set of beads off JoeyRoo on a Friday afternoon, and was happy to see on Friday night that they had been dispatched.

JoeyRoo suppled a well needed cuppa with the beads

JoeyRoo supplied a well needed cuppa with the beads

I was really beginning to despair that I would never get a nights sleep again right through till the Wednesday afternoon when while I was out a courier arrived with a package for me. (One for me! that very rarely happens ;-))

The beads from JoeyRoo had arrived. neatly packaged and including a little something extra. Folded up in a nice decorative bit of paper JoeyRoo had also provided me with a individual Barry’s Tea bag, a small but nice touch.

So as quickly as I could I got the beads on Tomás for the evening to get some exposure before I tried to put  him to bed. That evening he went down OK, he woke at 10 when I gave him infant paracetamol and he went back down, till 7:30 the following morning. Thursday, he had a great sleep in the afternoon and went down quickly at 7 in the evening. OK so he woke once around 10 and I had to go and find a dummy for him but there was none of the wailing in pain and just wanting to be held all night. And it was the same every night since, by 8 pm when he was tired he went down readily sometimes not even waiting for his story to fall asleep. Brilliant.

This morning, I didn’t change him and I forgot to put the beads around his neck when he woke.

After lunch he did go down OK, but when I went after an 1  and 1/2 hrs to wake him and collect his sister, he was already awake in the bed. Tonight, despite being tired I ended up putting him down 4 times before he eventually settled. I’ll be making sure that he’s wearing the amber beads again tomorrow morning.

Would I recommend Amber Beads, yes, definitely the evidence since last week shows that they do aid his sleep and make him more relaxed and settle easier. Just remember the health and safety advice which has to go with them. Don’t leave them on at night, and keep an eye that your child doesn’t decide they’d rather eat them than wear them.