Sunday signalled the run in to the annual change in our house: the summer holidays are on the way.  Sunday started it because it was Father’s Day. We have a new niece, my sister-in-law had a baby girl a few weeks ago (while we were enduring minding her other kids but that’s another story), and so we opted to head down to see them, and to meet with the father-in-law for lunch, it was Father’s Day after all. Besides, I’d been txt’d and informed there was a bottle of wine for us as a thank-you, so I needed to collect that.

We had a nice meal and headed back to the in-laws for a cuppa, while the kids played a bit before we went home again. Naturally I got further evidence that I am turning into my own dad, by falling a sleep on a chair in the dining room. It wasn’t even a comfortable chair, which shows how knackered I’ve been recently with the baby not sleeping properly.

Monday was a gorgeous day, my oldest son was graduating, from Montessori School. They had songs to sing, poems about their old school and new. It was wonderful and did bring a tear to my eye, which I naturally blamed on my hay fever.

ImageNow my wife has started collecting boxes and I had to bring home two of them from her classroom as she prepares to change year group in September. 

And that’s it the summer is coming, as my daughter said this morning, they had 7 1/2 days left of school, 6 1/2 now. And I’ll go from my regular Monday-Friday routine, running, cleaning, P&T groups, collecting the kids, shopping etc. into a new unstructured week not really knowing (a part for the odd appointment or imposed engagements) what I’ll be doing day-to-day.

I’m fairly organised, I like routine and being able to know what I am doing and when. Every morning I give a few minutes thought to what I want to achieve each day, I know most of what I am doing the rest of this week, for virtually every hour. My wife hates the idea of planning a head much. She doesn’t like the possibility that she would plan something and then it wouldn’t happen, or perhaps would not happen as planned.

So I’ll be forcing myself into a new routine, aiming for earlier nights, and earlier mornings so that I can get out for a run at around 6:30-7 am to give myself that start in the day as I won’t be able to do as much later on. Luckily most of the other things I’m involved in are not on over the summer either so I don’t have those distractions from my family. I have some things planned to do with my kids over the summer, places to go, and a break away with my wife for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

We also have a few days away with my whole family, in a house, outside Ballymahon. Now anyone reading this in the US, England or anywhere else don’t feel left out wondering where Ballymahon is. Most people I’ve told about our trip, has asked “Where is Ballymahon?” This is usually quickly followed by “Is there much to do there?” So you are not alone. Oh and the answer to the 2nd question is NO!

So I am actively using the next few weeks to develop ideas, plans to fill my summer holidays. For days which are good, I’ll have some options, for rainy days I’ll have others. Things to do with the kids and some for myself, business idea development, look for a paying job, I want to get 3 (maybe 4) speeches done before Christmas when Toastmasters starts back in September. I have lots of books to get read and I’m sure my wife has lots of things she wants me to do over the summer that she hasn’t told me about.

Right it’s 10:30. I’m off to bed and I’ll see if I can get out for an early run before school.