Any of us with kids know that they are all different. I’ve one academic at the moment and another who gets bored writing their name. They know who they are.

My daughter while adventurous is a bit nervous and not inclined to take big risks, but she’ll stick at something and work her way up to it, content to take her own time and do it herself. My big lad is different, much more adventurous and inclined to take risks but rushes to do stuff. He can work out how he can get what he wants. If he can’t get what he’s looking for he’ll cry and complain and say that he can’t do it… but only when you’re watching. Left alone he’ll work at things till he gets there. I fear for when I have to do his homework with him. He doesn’t like being watched as he does things as if performance anxiety somehow eliminates all his capabilities.

I always have tried to encourage my kids to explore and push their limits, as David Lesser wrote in Time online I do keep the play and exploration reasonably safe. My kids will get the odd bump or scrape but that’s how they learn for themselves rather than me instilling a fear in them of unknown consequences.

The kids being adventurous in the garden

What could possibly go wrong?

The youngest, he’s loveable, everyone he meets is so amazed at how smiley he is and how independent and content he appears. One did notice the devil in him thankfully so we share a rye smile when someone comments on how lovely he is. We know the truth.

Where my daughter is knows her limitations and fears consequences but generally gives things a go and likes showing off what she can do, my older son hides his capabilities but knows no fear of the consequences. The youngest has no concept of consequences, no understanding of limitations and just wants to do what his older siblings are doing. If they are in the back garden he wants out there with them; if they are on their bikes, he wants his; if they are playing on the climbing frame…

"I will get up there"

“I will get up there”

Not the safest but at least if he slips he’ll slide back down (which he does, repeatedly, to his immense amusement.) But then this morning he did this..

I know I shouldn’t laugh.