Saturday my kids got to watch Rise of the Guardians on TV again. It’s a good film for keeping the kids entertained and quite approperate as it’s a film about belief, belief in the impossible and what could be.

Easter has become a time when we go up to my parents, and this year my brother was home with his kids so it was going to be a nice break where the kids could all play together. The last few years I’ve tried to make the whole experience of finding their eggs a bit of fun and have set up an Easter egg hunt. Some how this has managed to convince my daughter of the the existence of the Easter Bunny. That wasn’t the plan.

The first year I planned a hunt based on maps of our house, last year it was photos around the inside and outside of my parents home. This allowed me to take the photos the night before and print them off easily. Small eggs were hidden with a picture of the next location, so the kids could take turns in finding the location and it was a real test of how much they know about Granny and Granda’s house. With their cousin home this year he was able to get in on it too. We had to go to mass first to allow everyone to get up as there were a few sleepy heads from restless nights the night before (crying babies :-().

Once back, the pressure was on and the first picture shown to the kids, which sent them off in different directions until they remembered where the old shop scales were sitting. The hunt brought the through the house, the front garden and then around to the back,  running off in excitement to find the next clue.  They got so caught up in finding the clues that they didn’t want to wait till they collected their egg reward at each stage.

DSCF4108 DSCF4114



The clue in the Green House brought them back to the living room where my nephew’s lego car was his major clue. Unfortunately for him he’d moved the car this morning from its location in the picture. Luckily his cousins recognised other bits in the photo, allowing the to find the last of the small eggs, and the final clue for the big eggs for themselves and Granny and Granda.DSCF4153 DSCF4159 It worked out as a great bit of fun for the kids and us adults watching them run around and have fun. We’re looking forward already to next year when we will have 2 more cousins running around with us on the hunt.